As you learn more about Wheaton Bible Church, you will hear about the three distinctives that are captured by our mission statement. It reads simply: We exist so that more and more people will love God, grow together, and reach the world. This is the mission that shapes our community, and we invite fellow Christ-followers to join us in this mission by becoming members of our church.

What will you experience at the BELONG class?

At Belong, you will hear engaging talks presented by our pastoral staff. You will learn what we believe, how the church functions, and what you can do to play an important part in the mission God has given us. 

The five-hour Belong membership seminar is offered three times a year: fall, winter, and spring. 

Our next Belong class is scheduled for October 2018.

For more information, contact Katie Willemssen, 630.876.6679, or

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