Adult Communities

Our Adult Communities are mid-sized groups, which welcome people into community life and equip them to love God, grow together, and reach the world. Our Adult Communities welcome people of all ages, but we’ve found that many folks enjoy connecting and growing alongside those who are at similar life stage, facing common life challenges. That’s why below, we’ve identified some of our Adult Communities by the age or stage of most of the participants.

Adult Communities are also a good way to get connected into a small group—people who meet throughout the week to encourage one another to grow closer to Christ as we participate in His mission to make disciples.

For most people, the best way to get plugged into an Adult Community is to go to BEGIN, held each Sunday morning at 11:00 am in the Visitor Center. But if you’re comfortable, feel free to jump right into one of the Adult Communities listed below. Or for more detailed information on a class, stop by the Welcome Desk, or contact Adult Ministry Assistant Rhonda Ford, 630.876.6610.

Young Adults

11:15 am in Room 52
Contact: Sam Copeland

Young Families

8:15 am in Lower 56
Contact: Grant and Anne Garnett

Growing Families

9:45 am in Lower 52
Contact: John Foos
(for parents of children with special needs)

9:45 am in Upper 206
Contact: Chris Lauriet

Families with Students

9:45 am in the Fellowship Center
Contact: Greg and Beth Froese

Foundation Builders
9:45 am in Lower 50
Contact: Dean Annen

9:45 am in Upper 239
Contact: Joe Noxon or Glenn Smith

Empty Nesters

9:45am in the Fellowship Center (Main 137W)
Contact: Scott Thompson

9:45am in Lower 46
Contact: John and Marcia Kennedy

Maturing Adults

Community for Christ
9:45 am in Lower 55
Contact: Greg Fantozzi

9:45 in the Chapel
Contact: Joe Bean

9:45 am in Lower 57
Contact: Bob Cavalco or David Salstrom

All Ages

Woman to Woman
9:45 am in Upper 236
Contact: Char Gordon

9:45 am in Lower 54
Contact: Richard Schultz or Carol Schultz

11:15 am in the Fellowship Center
Contact: Sam and Anna Movido

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