May 4

CareFest means “being good neighbors.” With the goal to build bridges of love and compassion into the community, CareFest volunteers from Wheaton Bible Church and Iglesia del Pueblo give their time and skills to provide practical, physical help in order to serve families and individuals in our community, schools, not-for-profits, our church family, and more. Following the words and example of Jesus in Luke 10:25-37 and Matthew 25:31-40 we want to be neighbors that are intentional about serving our neighbors.

CareFest is a wonderful opportunity to fulfill Jesus’ command to serve one another. And by serving in our neighborhoods we get to see and learn firsthand about our community and communicate that we love and care about the wellbeing of our neighbors.

We want to be neighbors that are intentional about serving our neighbors. So, each year in the late spring more than 1,000 people from all Wheaton Bible Church campuses invite their friends and neighbors to join them at 60+ project locations and serve by cleaning, painting, organizing, repairing, landscaping, and more. With the goal to build bridges of love and compassion into the community, CareFest volunteers give their time and skills to help with all types of projects including at schools, not-for-profits, local ministry partners, and homes in need of care or repair.

1 Day

4 Hours

1000+ Volunteers


What is a CareFest project?

CareFest is gardening, landscaping, painting, repairing, mulching, planting flowers/bushes/trees, deep cleaning, building, and sometimes even putting on a parade! Is there a tangible job that we can tackle with a group of 10-40 people on a Saturday? It’s probably a CareFest-type project.

How long is CareFest?

Most projects run from 9am to around 12:30pm on the Saturday of CareFest.  The time expectation is always clearly listed for each project.

Who can volunteer?

Anybody! This is a church initiated event… but we’ve had friends and neighbors, employee teams, community members, teachers, students, and school board members join us to intentionally work for the good of our community.

Come be one of the many neighbors serving neighbors this year. You know you want to! You’ll even get a CareFest t-shirt to show you were part of the team!

Can my Kids volunteer too?

Yes! If the project is designated as “Family Friendly” that means there are parts of the project that kids ages 10 and under could probably do. Look for the Family Friendly “Collection” on the Eventbrite webpage to see all these projects in one group.

Do I need any special skills?

You do not need any special skills in order to volunteer! Bring a willingness to work and you’d be surprised what can be accomplished.

However, we also ALWAYS have projects where your special skills (painting, carpentry, gardening, plumbing, electrical) would come in quite handy. So if you have experience in some of these areas take a look through the projects to see what might be the best fit for you. When a project needs specialized help there will be volunteer descriptions asking for someone with a specific skill or experience.

If you want to let us know about your experience or skills in advance we will attempt to pair you with a project that needs your particular set of skills!



Chelsea Kesavadhana-Carrillo
Volunteer Coordinator & Administrative Assistant for Local Outreach Ministries

Kyle Reschke
Pastor of Sending and Outreach