Neighborhood Bible Club Host

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NBC is a fun and relational way for you to share the Gospel with kids! Invite families in your neighborhood to come to your yard for 3 days of games, crafts, and stories about Jesus. Our Kids Life staff make it simple for you by providing the materials and support you need to host a club. Demonstrate God’s love in action by volunteering to host a Neighborhood Bible Club this summer.

What's involved in hosting a club?

Choose your dates and time

Pick three mornings, afternoons or evenings that best fit into your family’s summer schedule. Clubs are typically 1-1/2 to 2 hours per day.

Pick your team

Hosting a club is always easier and more fun when you do it with a few friends. Maybe host a club with your Life Group. Share the responsibility, share the blessings!

Pick up your supply box

Everything is already prepared for you! Pick up Bible lessons, craft supplies, and other materials from Wheaton Bible Church.

Invite kids to your club

Invite your neighborhood families with kids in elementary school
to come to your club. Want a big or small club? That is up to you

Have fun!

See God bring kids to your yard to have fun as they learn about Jesus.


Reach out to our staff or volunteer supervisors responsible for overseeing this service team.

Cinthia Yee
Elementary Director